DigitaL DreamS was the website where LiON offered his collection of freeware applications, from 1993 to 1999. "The MacIntosh feeling" was a subtitle he once used for his pages, and you can see that in the interface of his applications, the icons and, in his webdesign, colors like these... His most know utility, Oxygenator, evolved to one of the first skinnable apps in 1999.

Spring 1999 the website was suddenly gone. "CU in 30 years", it said. We tried to contact LiON from there, but couldn't find him, until recently; he found us, actually. Still, the question remains, if you have a piece of history to add, a skin you made back then, anything, please it.

"It's funny, I chatted with the guy via email shortly before he quit, and I had made some suggestions for further improvement that he liked and had written back about how he might do such things as well as other ideas that he wanted to implement as well. then.... booom! gone!" - "d"

Now you can have a look a those webpages, as they were there in 1999. Check out "Digital Dreams", or go directly to the old "Oxygenator" pages!

Heh, when Skinz.org added a section for Oxygenator, these pages got the attention of LiON, and he explained a little. Main reason to stop development: "I don't have time for delphi anymore. That's why I've made the page with the "CU in 30 years". I considered that I would have time for dev again, later ... a lot later :)" And "In fact, making apps with the macintosh look takes a lot of time (more design than coding). I wanted my apps to be perfect looking."

They do, and though LiON wishes to remain in the background and states he can't make any promises anymore, his stuff will be kept alive here and we'll see what happens :). For now, he send us a more advanced version of Spectroscope, lacks the Mac look, but lots more options added! Find it on the download page.

Then again, there's also some old applications dug up, found there too. Acid Wave is a application to cleanup you disks. Be careful with this one, it doesn't ask for confirmation before deleting stuff. Be sure you know what you enter before hitting "delete".

Another fun little toy is Tonight. It just displays a nice starry sky on your screen; can be used as a screensaver.