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des - 01 Aug. 2005 - 19:25:

HELP me to Find a Link! - shop for music online

in (winXP) the music folders's common task has a link "shop for music online". this link is the "http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=493&clcid=0x0409". so, it will open a browser window...

the string "shop for music online" is in the shell32.dll, but i can't find the link. i checked a lot of dll's yet with no luck. :( where is this link? anybody knows?
i want to change it to a simple html-link. (my mp3's cd list is in a html file. would be great if i click on it, my listfile will open and i can find what i want to hear.)
01 Aug. 2005 - 20:46 beaker
That's a great idea. I don't use the "common tasks" pane, but I can see why you'd like the behavior you're describing.

Not a solution but another way to search... just try looking for "fwlink", that might make things quicker in case microsoft.com is stored somewhere else and the LinkId is dynamic. Are you using grigri's tool to search?
02 Aug. 2005 - 00:12 des
thanx. i will try to search for fwlink. i have grigri's tool but i forgot to use it. pf.. ehhh :D so i will try with that also. good idea! :D

i have searched through the registry, with no luck again.

btw, i found some similar links in browselc.dll (resource 23/mbloading.htm, etc) this is the media bar panel in internet explorer. (explorer bar > media)
02 Aug. 2005 - 23:53 plastic
wmploc.dll ?

Sorry, that is me having little time, and no time to test. Some links there, do not completely understand, but that file looks promising (but has a LOT of stringtables).
03 Aug. 2005 - 00:27 des
unfortunately there is not there! :( but thanx for helping me. :D
btw i checked all the dll's which start with the "wm" string (windows media) with no luck.
but i will check it again, maybe i missed it or somethin'....
03 Aug. 2005 - 00:48 plastic
Hrm, yes, I noticed the exact string wasn't there. Not sure we have same wmp version, but the link in my common tasks doesn't take me to what you pasted above, I get some other thing, and maybe multiple redirects. But it is the one file in system32 dir related to music (with fwlink in), so maybe you could just paste your wanted link over the 5 occurences of a fwlink and see what happens ?
03 Aug. 2005 - 01:09 des
hmmm. what is your link when you clicked that? hmm i have an old wmp because i don't use it and never update it. :D

i will change those links with my link and see what happens. thanx for the idea. :D
03 Aug. 2005 - 01:18 plastic
"http://music.msn.com/search/all/?ss=%20%20&locale=409" in a folder with mp3, in a subfolder of my music it's "http://windowsmedia.com/shop/buynowsample.asp", but that's a redirect, too quickly performed to see what was first. How did you find that link anyway, as it obviously redirects you ?
03 Aug. 2005 - 01:39 des
found something interesting (maybe)
i have 2 OS. 1 for me and 1 for testing hacks etc.. :D

so, in my second OS (winxp, sp2, hun) music folders has this link *(http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=730&clcid=0x0409&http://windowsmedia.com/redir/xpsample.asp) when i click on it using MY OS (xp sp1, eng): so i am on xp-eng-sp1 but browsed the second XPsp2hun folders. and got an another link. hmm.. its really a multiple/dynamic things. and yes, it was 2 links... hmm strange.

sorry if you dont understand what i am talking about. my english is poor. :(

edit: today i will change those links as you mentioned. and see what happens.
03 Aug. 2005 - 02:29 des
wow. i found the link "http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/" yet in the wmploc.dll (but only in dllcache folder!) but still cant find the end of the link ("?LinkId=493&clcid=0x0409")

i think i will see/check this dllcache folder radically.
04 Aug. 2005 - 01:39 plastic
Pasted my own link over all in wmploc.dll, no go. Browseui.dll has a link like this, no go. In regular mp3 folders, first url before being redirected is something like "locator.metadata.windowsmedia.com" - this is not to be found in system files, nor in registry.

In the "my music" folder, first url before being redirected is "http://windowsmedia.com/redir/xpsample.asp", but if I create a new folder it's like above.

I still had that sample music folder there, has a desktop.ini containing this:


Changing that does nothing. Finally did a search for "xpsample.asp". Nothing with resource searcher, Agent ransack tells it inside shell32.dll. It is, but not as an editable string resource or something. Maybe with a hex editor, but I'm giving up on this, this is stupid...
04 Aug. 2005 - 14:33 des
yes. i did replace all the http links in wmploc.dll and other dll. and nothing happened. ;( yeah.. maybe i give it up also... this is not an important "hack" for me.

thanx anyway!
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