In this section, you will find links to other sites. These sites can be sorted in three categories:

 Art sites
 Developers sites
 Entertainment sites

Art sites

A cool area to learn about Art.

Woa ... you have to take a look at this !
The most beautiful site I've ever seen.

The best icon site : Desktop Artware
+++ M's FACTORY +++

My favorite artist : Jonathon Bowser
Gazette Fantasy Art
Cap'n Jim's 3D Gallery

The Theme Doctor
Theme World

The best FONT site : Fontastic

Developers sites

Torry's Delphi Pages
Delphi Super Page
Books on-line

Entertainment sites

Clark Tisdale - CD Max
The best magic site I've ever seen : Diamond-valley
Star Wars Official Site
Star Wars The 3D Modeling Alliance
Star Wars The Animated Holocron
Blizzard Entertainment
The best french mag about games : Joystick