Welcome to the DigitaL DreamS web site.
The purpose of this site is to make dreams of computer users the reality. In general, PC software is not a pleasure for the eyes: all is colorless, lifeless and without any personal graphical touch from the coders. Only a few coders begin to look at the design of their application, I think at MetaTools™ or NullSoft,inc.
That's why DigitaL DreamS was born. I often hear friends or people I know saying: "God, why is your PC so awful ?" and I reply to them: "Well, we are not on a Macintosh® or on a BeOS™ :)".
I think that the graphical interface of an application is as important as it's functionalities. That's why DigitaL DreamS software is very "graphic oriented". You will see applications that look like Macintosh® applications or that are based on completely original GUIs.

Another thing that's important to say is that DigitaL DreamS is fully user oriented. This mean that if you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or if you simply need help, DigitaL DreamS will always support you. See the contact section for details.

But, let's stop talking ... I invite you to go to the other sections. Why don't you begin by the products section ?