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Equalizer is a freeware scientific calculator. Instead of the traditional look of many buttons, Equalizer has a simple text line on which you can write the expression in the same way you'd write it on paper (for example: typing "(6*5-12) / 2" will show the answer "9"). Equalizer can also draw graphs of equations. In addition, Equalizer is fully skinable - you can completely change its appearance, and even create your own skins.
See some screenshot: Main window, Grapher and some skins, Options.
Download Equalizer 1.77 (127kb)

  New On Version 1.77
  • Added: Use Alt+R to Replace the expression with the result.
  • Added: Use Alt+W to Wrap the text with parentheses.
  • Changed: Redesigned the options window.
  • Grapher imrovments:
    • Added to the main menu.
    • All tools now working well.
    • Added a menu, so the graph can be copied.
    • Small improvments.
  • Minor bug fixes.

To install skins, UnZip them, and copy to "skins" directory under Equalizer's directory (you may have to create it). For example: C:\Program Files\Equalizer\Skins\Note\

More skins can be found on these sites: DeviantArt - Skinbase

  My To Do List
These are all things I plan to add to Equalizer. I wrote Equalizer in a way the enables to add them. If you'd like to see something, Mail me before it's too late. If you're suggesting a function, I'll be happy to know what is it, and how to calculate it using other functions.
  • Graph window. Would be able to draw graphs for functions (ie: "X^2 + SinX")
  • Nice multiplying (2sinPi ==> 2*sinPi). This is the next thing I'll do.
  • Adding more functions and constants (math, chemistry, physics...). This is a boring job. I'll do it in the end if ever.
  • User defined functions.
  • Getting an easier todo list.