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Creating entries in the registry, to assign sound-events to any application, is quite a job if you do it manually. no need to anyway, cause there's a couple of apps on the web to do this for you.

Note: the assignment of custom soundsevents to any application works in 95, 98 and Me only. In the NT (2k/XP) line, the same registry entries are used, but sounds will not be played if not triggered specifically by the application itself... still, options like randomizing standard events, assign by rightclickmenu etc are available.
SoundMapper can create entries for 10 common events of any application you would like, within the list on your control panel. It also lets you modify the title of the program in the list.
The author stopped his development and web-activities, though. We're permitted to provide the file, but he will not support it in any way. Since it's still a valid and freeware utility, grab it anyway!

Sound Association is another very good one, by Lior Ostrowsky.

And there's Just Add Wavs too, clean interface, same advanced options!

A related utility, which makes a great combination with SoundMapper, is SetSound (free). It adds an entry in the context menu when clicking on a .wav, "Associate with event". You're presented a dialog with the list that's in the control panel. Select one, click ok and you're done. By "MaDdoG software".

To make the process even simpler, you could download Playwav by Pavel Vitis. It will, properly associated, play .wav files without much hassle, they'll just be played and closed, nothing popping up, great for searching a big folder with loads of soundfiles. Alternative, in case of 404; check out Shellfronts modules list.

Another nice alternative for SoundMapper is Sound Event Editor. It automatically adds six common program events for any application to the list.

A randomizing application for soundevents (?) - there's Switcheroo, freeware.

A shareware alternative that adds up to 13 events for any executable, and handles the randomizing too, is Wave Events.

Not really related, but definitely a "sound-event", is TypeSound (free). It assings some nostalgic typing sounds to all your keystrokes, really cool! Find it between all Japanese downloads (not all work on western machines) at "Penta.com".
Manual editing
You'll need to edit the registry at this key:
Underneath are allready some programs listed. Select the "Apps" key, rightclick and choose new/key. Name the new key exactly like the executable you've chosen, without the extension (.exe). No need for a path, Windows can handle it. Now select the new key and create more new keys underneath it. Name them something that's in the list below.
Note that this is a general list. Not all commands may apply to your specific application and/or there may be more commands if the application is set up to handle them.
Now your application is listed within the control panel item to assign sounds. Applying sounds will create new subkeys for each command, called ".current", with a (standard) string value containing the path to the .wav.

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