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Fun components
Add some useless and/or decorative content to your desktop, play a game, make it live a little :).
GtRipple (free, Win 9x/NT4) creates a rippling effect on the desktop, like water. It's very configurable also.
A pure fun component is Snowball (free, all versions). You know those 'snowdomes' you can buy at tourist shops, filled with water and some plastic figures... (?). Shake well and it will snow for a while - now available for your desktop. Skinnable, all sorts of flavors available. The "2000" version adds some buttons and more influence on the "snow", like have it to go upwards. Be sure to download Marblemad's skin "Spycadelic bubble", as it really shows off what can be done. Cool!
You know those, mostly quite old, win3x utilities to display some eyes on your desktop, following the mouse ? Lama (free, all versions) is another one, but skinnable, you can make it look whatever you would like it to.

Train a Go Go! (free, Win 9x/?) is a cute little train making your desktop dangerous to live on... find it between all Japanese downloads at "Penta.com". Not all work on western machines, but we can safely recommend the diary application, font, startupscreen, screensavers, bus modelling image, Sidebar, resource meter and cursors. And don't forget to assemble your personal flower.exe to send to your beloved! Great, lovely resource, and the other sites under the "mediaremix" flag are just as much.
A fully skinnable Memory is now available for your desktop. Create your own theme, use any icon set as cards or create your own, and there's some themes to be found at the skinning sites :). Addictive.
For online playing. Tetrix (free, all versions) is a tetris variant with multiplayer mode, online mode, it's fully skinnable, has animation, sounds and is as configurable as can be. Anybody liking tetris should have a close look, it's fun!
And here's Snake! "This is a skinnable remake of the classic 'nibbles' or 'snake' game for the Atari or those cell phones everyone has. Very easy to skin and good for killing some time."

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