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Mac conversion Emulating
Get a virtual Mac running on your Windows pc.
If you get errors extracting Macfiles, or the icons don't show up, there's an alternative, though it will take some effort. There's a couple of Mac-Emulators available, creating a virtual MacIntosh on your Pc. Most of these are shareware, but there's two freeware alternatives. They do need a MacIntosh ROM though, not free... Also needed, a bit of persistence and patience, and some time.
Which can be reduced by visiting E-Maculation first. Everything - info, tips, files - related to emulating the Mac! Must-visit if you're planning on setting up an emulator!
Now here's two decent, and free emulators:

There's vMac, a black and white emulator (Win 9x/NT). Don't mind the colors. We started with this one and got some icons from some old (Mac) .cpt files.

Running here now is BasiliskII (Win 2k/XP, also 9x but not everything's working, no probs though) - has colors, runs recent MacOS versions and works very smooth. Get MacOS 7.5.3 here; a big, but free download (19 parts, halfway down page) and do yourself a favor and follow this excellent tutorial.

An essential tool, for both of these, you should also get is HFV Explorer (freeware - all versions). It will give you access to your virtual Mac harddisk within Windows.

More tools, but now for your "Mac", concerning those icons, conversion and - why not - customizing it a bit :
  • Icon Archiver (shareware) is an icon manager which can export to Windows .ico too,
  • Iconographer (shareware) is an icon editor which has this feature too,
  • ResEdit (free) is the Mac resource editor. Disassemble Mac applications and - by making screenshots - get icons, splash screens and sounds to Windows,
  • SoundApp (free) converts sounds to - among lots of others - .wav,
  • Kineticon (shareware) lets you display animated icons on the desktop. Using ResEdit you can make screenshots of the different frames and get them converted (horrible job, but no way around),
  • IconToGif (free) does what its name says. Seems a permanent 404, file here (80 kB).
One more emulator, just because it's amazing (also very, very expensive...). Executor by Ardi is a shareware emulator that will run without anything else (no ROM), and within minutes. Great piece of work, may be worth your money!

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