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Alternatives for notepad
There's loads of notepad replacements available, but do they look better (?)... here's a couple that do:
Transparancy options
People in 2k/XP have got some general options, read here, but here's two replacement with transparancy on all platforms:
Crankpad (free) is a fully transparant, simple text editor with the same features as notepad. It's very configurable... a border or not, blended background color (just a few, though), total control over the font. A pity Crank stopped development, and it's still in lack of an uptodate follow-up. So, thanks for permitting and find it here.

Vapor (1.3, free) is another transparant notepad replacement, slightly different (46 kB). It's also not being developed anymore, but we're permitted to provide the download.
Skinnable alternatives
Quick Notes (free, Win 9x/2k) is a skinnable replacement for Notepad, you can design your own look for your notes, or choose a custom made interface.

MyPad is another one, also skinnable. This one can be resized to your needs too. Making a skin isn't hard. Clean, simple and flexible.
For all these you can find skins at the skin archives, listed here.
u2::zoo pointed out SkinnyPad... this replacement by Two_toNe features everything Notepad has, some extras and has a more advanced skin format (though still not resizable). Beats me why this thing isn't known too well, got me skinning immediately! (the author forgot to include Draw.dll - put it in the folder the executable resides.)

Millennium Notepad features an easy skin format, but has a simple menubar with pushed/not pushed versions too - quite advanced when compared with most.

[*toptool:] Resizability on skins stayed an issue. KewlpÄd features smooth resizing and advanced skinning format (cursor and scrollbars!).

Besides the scrollbars BoxPad by Softini is another skinnable text editor, very advanced. Could be replacing notepad, but there's so much advanced options you can ditch your pirated copy of Word too. Hrm, used to be freeware. Nowadays it's only available in the whole package of Box apps, annual subscription, hefty pricetag. They're all examples of decent coding, though.
CodePad looks very promising too, but is still extremely beta.
Now in development is Notepad Pro, not resizeable but skinnable with a lot of options and has some unique features, like winamp control and .pdf creation.

And latest development is from 545studios, called Inedita. There's a free 0.5 version which features smooth resizing, freeform skinning, skinnable scrollbar, font and color options. The pro versions for subscribers feature a lot more, making it an advanced text editor in itself.
Like D.O.T. Studio icons ? There are a notepad and a cdplayer available, cybernote and cybercd (free, Win 9x), designed by D.O.T. and coded by kmth.

Scribbles by 545 Studios is a freeware "pad", skinnable, that lets you "doodle" your notes, little drawings etc. Funny.

A cool little application by Hydra Software is eNotes. It's a skinnable application (free, Win 9x/2k) to take some little notes, up to 5 screens available.

Another one of these notes apps, by Softini, is BoxNote. Pretty advanced, holds up to 25 notes. Unique is the option to set a transparancy rate for it being displayed, which works very smooth even in 9x! Check notice with BoxPad above, only available in a underpriced package these days.

And there's Sip Notes (free, Win 9x/2k). Skinnable ofcourse, easy format (llok for note on old software on frontpage).

Latest skinnable post-it notes applications are: Sticky, by Higher Tendencies, featuring a skinnable scrollbar, and Cool Notes!.

Then, Sticky Notes is another, with some unique options like being resizable, unlimited notes and automatic conversion of web addresses to links. Skin format follows and it uses MyPad skins.

At Carbon 6 Studios you'll find CarbonNotes: "It acts and performs just as notepad does. CarbonNotes is completely freeform, supporting transparency in all aspects."

Not skinnable, but a fun mix between those note apps and Scribbles, is Paper Computer. Noodle and type your brilliant thoughts, and save up to 3 (free, Win 9x/2k - choose the "mediaremix" part of the site, but be sure to explore the rest!).
[*kmr:] If you don't want to use a third party app I would suggest you play a bit with Resource Hacker and edit Notepad.exe, you can change the icon, window title, menu texts, common strings and even replace wordpad as the app to open bigger texts (string#4,56). It's an integrated and stylish (:)) way to customize NotePad and for total control, change the font in the Edit menu and use a cool color scheme...

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